People August 24, 2015 | 2:56 pm

Matriarch´s tragic death stuns city of Higuey

Higuey, DominicanRepublic. – The recent tragic death of Minda de De Jesus Martinez, 75, has filledwith grief the town of Higuey, where she was held in great esteem within societyand the religious community.

Relatives said she diedwhile trying to shut closed the automate gate at her house which derailed andcrushed her, with injuries to several parts of her body.

One of her daughters,Fany De Jesus, said her mother was alone in the residence for which no onenoticed the incident when it first occurred.

Hundreds of people attendedthe religious services for Martinez, held at San Dionisio church and herremains buried at the city´s new cemetery.

She´s survived by Blanca,Lely, Isabel, Fany and Fermin, her husband the prominent cattle rancher Marino De Jesus, and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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