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Nobel laureate to visit Dominican Republic

SantoDomingo.- Nobel laureate for chemistry, Israeli professor Aaron Ciechanoverwill visit the Dominican Republic as part of the cooperation agreements betweenhis country’s embassy in the Dominican Republic and the National EvangelicalUniversity.

Ciechanover, who won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2004 for the discoveryof ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation, will be giving the inaugural speechat the 24th Conference of the Italian-Latin American Ethno-MedicalSociety (SILAE) and the 2nd International Conference on IntegrativeMedicine, organized by SILAE together with the National Evangelical University (UNEV).

According to a press release, on Wednesday September 9 at 6:30 p.m.,Ciechanover will open the congress with a lecture on the subject of“Intracellular protein degradation” at the Meliá Caribe Hotel in Punta Cana, atan event that will be attended by more than 200 professionals from 18countries.

Organizingcommittee members Wilfredo Mañón Rossi and Alberto J. Núñez Sellés, director ofthe Integrative Medicine Institute and Research director at the UNEV, expressedtheir satisfaction at bringing such an eminent figure to the country, thanks tothe support of the Embassy of Israel.

Dr. Ciechanoverwill be speaking about the work that led him to discover the ubiquitinizationof proteins and winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004, shared withAvram Hershko, also from Haifa, Israel, and Irwin Rose from the University ofCalifornia.

The eventtakes place from 9-12 September and as well as Ciechanover, Jorge Alonso(Argentina), Milagros García (Cuba), Alessandra Bracca and Roberto Di Santo(Italy), Gerald Hammond (US-Peru), Ram Reifen (Israel), Alejandro Cifuentes andElena Ibañez (Spain) and Ernesto Abel (US-DR) will be taking part.

Theconference will have 40 speakers and 60 poster exhibitions of the work that theprofessionals have been doing in their respective countries.

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