People February 22, 2016 | 3:37 pm

US Embassy hosts workshop on managing social media, trends

Santo Domingo.- The US Embassy, with support from the DominicanAmerican Cultural Institute University (ICDA) last week, held the workshop"Management and Social Media Trends applied to government entities and professionalswho daily handle these forms of non-traditional media in Dominican governmentagencies and embassies.

The workshop focused on publicizing and sharing knowledgeand experiences on effective management of social networks.

The program included lectures by Arturo López Valerio andMite Nishio, recognized Digital Communication specialists who discussed DataAnalysis and figures on networks and Crisis Management, respectively.

US Embassy Press Attaché Jeremiah Knight said the workshop’simportance lies in its strengthened bonds between the US Embassy with Dominicangovernment agencies to share trends on topics as relevant and appropriate asthe management of social networks.

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