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Expedia PartnerCentral App is now available in Spanish, French & Dutch

Seattle, Wash.– The Expediagroup, one of the world’s largest online travel companies, announced today thatthe Expedia® PartnerCentral (EPC) App, which originally rolled out in June2015, will now be available for Caribbean hotel partners in multiple languagesincluding Spanish, French and Dutch as of February 23, 2016.

The EPC App allows hotel partnersto manage their business with Expedia anytime, anywhere. The real-time,critical data helps partners to stay informed and competitive with real-timeinsights about the market; read and respond instantly to feedback from guests;stay up to date with reservations, arrivals and cancellations; move last minuteinventory fast with Sell Tonight; help increase visibility by creating targetedpromotions; receive notifications with time-sensitive information; and accessdata quickly with an efficient single login.

“To drive value to our hotelpartners The Expedia group is constantly investing in new technology to help provide partners with better insightsand customer service, as well as increase demand,” said Demetrius Canton,market management director for the Caribbean. “We’re always looking for ways tomake it easier for our partners to utilize data and create a better experiencefor their guests.”

Several Expedia group hotelpartners in the English-speaking Caribbean have already tested the app and arethrilled with its quick response time and easy usage.

· “I’m a frequent traveler and I wouldalways have to find a hotel in order to connect to a computer and make changeson the Expedia site. Because of the app, I now only have to log on through theapp on my phone, make the changes, and in a few minutes I’m on the road again,”said Paul Graber, national sales manager at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St.Thomas.

· Sasha Cole, marketing manager atSilver Point Hotel in Barbados said “I’ve been using the EPC App for a coupleof months now and find it very convenient when I am away from my desktop for aquick inventory and rate update as well as a quick glance of daily activitiesfor the property.”

· “The app’s quick features allow me tospot trends and measure hotel performance,” said Rachel Schnure, marketdirector of Travel Industry Sales at Marriott Caribbean & Latin AmericaResorts. “I also love how easy it is to toggle between multiple hotels.”

The EPC App is free for downloadin Spanish, French and Dutch at the Apple App Store and Google Play andrequires an iPhone running iOS 7 or higher, or an Android phone running OS4.1.2 or higher. The app is the latest innovation demonstrating Expedia’sability to transform travel through technology. Expedia’s product team utilizesan unprecedented amount of data and insights to solve everyday problems onbehalf of travelers and suppliers. Products are developed by applying datathrough a three-step framework: empathize, hypothesize, test and learn. Theoutcomes solves problems consumers and suppliers may not have even been awareof, resulting in user delight, increased engagement and time optimization.

By working with Expedia group,hotels in the Caribbean gain exposure from the more than 200 travel bookingsites in more than 75 countries in 35 languages, in addition to a myriad ofmobile sites and apps, from brands such as Expedia®,®, Travelocity®,Orbitz®, Hotwire®, Egencia®, Expedia® Affiliate Network and others.

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