People July 21, 2016 | 4:23 pm

La Costa Destinations finds harbor in Juan Dolio

Juan Dolio, RD.- La Costa Destinations in Juan Dolio generalEmil Montas and financial director Nelson Martinez on Wednesday headed ribbon cuttingof its headquarters of the company specializing in the promotion and sale oftourist properties in the Dominican Republic, present in the country’s resort regions.

"We proudly formally open the headquarters of La CostaDestinations, born on February 2007, almost 10 years ago with the dream ofbecoming the company that could realize the dream of those who long to have abeach house," Montas said in his keynote speech.

La Costa Destinations began operations in the area of??highest demand in the country: Punta Cana and today has more than 600 transactionsof tourist properties in the last almost 10 years.

"Our company, which we in our logo portray as a ship,has the best crew. This opening is only one port which we had to call on …now the navigation is long term, joyfuland a great challenge," Montas said, to the applause of those present.

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