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Santo Domingo Book Fair guest authors announced

Santo Domingo.- A totalof 29 authors from the Dominican expatriate community, also known as theDominican Diaspora, have confirmed their presence at this year’s InternationalBook Fair, which is being held at the city’s Plaza de la Cultura from September19 to October 2.

The Ministry of Culturehas also announced that a delegation of four authors from Italy, Mexico andUruguay have confirmed their participation in the 19th celebrationof the event.

The expatriate Dominican authors are SilvioTorres Saillant, Franklin Gutiérrez, José Alejandro Peña, Rubén Sánchez Féliz,Puro Tejada, Eugenio García Cuevas, Miguel Ángel Fornerín, Virginia Díaz, Luis AlejandroPolanco, Ana Marchena, Daniel Baruc,

Ana María Céspedes, Alejandro Arvelo, RosaSilverio, Luis Ricardo Arévalo, Irene Santos, José Alejandro Peña, Norma Féliz,Yini Rodríguez, Rubén Sánchez Féliz, Kianny Antigua, Keisy Montás, DinorahCoronado, Karina Rieke, Jorge Piña, César Sánchez, Mayobanex Pérez, José Acostaand Aralis Rodríguez.

The overseas guests include Rafael Courtoisie, apoet, storyteller and commentator from Uruguay, acclaimed by internationalcritics as one of the leading literary figures in the Americas, and winner of the 2014Casa de América prize for poetry.

From Italy, Danilo Manera, a promoter of Dominican literature abroad and MaríaAntonieta Ferro, a writer who has translated several Dominican literary works.

From Mexico, leading columnist Lauro Zavala, bestknown for his works in the fields of literary theory, cinema and semiotics.

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