People September 15, 2016 | 4:30 pm

Carol Morgan School offers scholarships to students of low income

SD. CarolMorgan School (CMS) says it firmly believes that its scholarship program (MNBS)promotes the school’s mission to instill a passion for learning, buildcharacter and inspire actions of civic and social responsibility, as well aspreparing students to become leaders in a global and multicultural society.

That’s the reasonbehind Carol Morgan’s may offer a Scholarship for Merit and Necessity (MNBS) toa bright, talented and motivated Dominican student, with limited resources whomeets its eligibility requirements but for financial reasons could not attend CMS.

“With thecreation of this scholarship program the Carol Morgan School seeks tocontribute to the development of young Dominicans whose lives would bepositively impacted with the opportunity to receive an education based onacademic excellence,” the institution said, quoted by

How toapply: Before Sept. 30 at Carol Morgan’s Community Relations Office.

More información:Phones 809-947-1020 / 809-947-1100

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