People September 22, 2016 | 10:37 am

Global Sisters Report looks at Dominican mining pros, cons

La Vega, Dominican Republic.- the non-profit Global SistersReport is focusing a special series on mining and extractive industries and thereligious women and other activists who work to limit damage and impact onpeople and the environment, through advocacy, action and policy. Pope Francislast year called for the entire mining sector to undergo "a radicalparadigm change."

“In knee-high rubber boots and a baggy T-shirt, GenaroRodriguez guides three young women through the forests of Loma Miranda, one ofthe most biodiverse mountains in the Dominican Republic.

“Rodriguez, who is known as the best local guide for suchmountain excursions, now considers his job an existential one: He believes thatfirsthand appreciation of the natural beauty might help mobilize the nationalfight to preserve the mountain from potential mining operations.

"I drink that water, bathe with that water, live offthat water," he said, pointing to the springs where the young women hadjumped in to swim. "So why wouldn’t I sacrifice myself for futuregenerations to have that water?" he said. "Money only buys thecheap."

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