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Cana Shoes takes next step to improve education in the Dominican Republic

New York, NY.- Cana Shoes, a non-profit initiative dedicated to creating sustainable business opportunities in the Dominican Republic has launched their first-ever Indiegogo campaign to sell their handcrafted footwear proceeds of which will go toward creating sustainable income opportunities for women and furthering education in low-income areas of the Caribbean nation.

With the goal of raising US$50,000 through their Indiegogo campaign, individuals can now take social action by contributing to Cana Shoes, as well as buying a pair of the fashionable footwear for themselves. This comes before the shoes are released for sale to the general public in June 2017.

It’s an exciting next step for an innovative organization with a mission to improve the lives of people trapped in a cycle of poverty in rural batey communities. Bateyes evolved as a direct result of seasonal migrants coming each year to harvest sugar cane. The backbreaking work involved often sees little to no gain in personal income, and frequently leaves migrants stranded living in conditions of squalor.

By employing locals to assemble Cana Shoes, which are made out of sugar cane and hemp, the organization seeks to give people once dependent on work in the tumultuous sugar cane industry, an alternative source of livelihood. Importantly, the proceeds from sales will go directly back to the batey communities, in part as income for the individuals making the shoes, and in part to fund education of children living there.

“Creating sustainable sources of income for people through a program like this has been a life-long dream,” says Edison Suero, founder of Cana Shoes, an offshoot of sister non-profit MOSCTHA. Suero’s commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices laid the groundwork for Cana, and the organization offers free training and education to women and youth in batey communities so that they can establish a source of income for themselves.

Each season, Cana Shoes will release two new designs, creating a growing selection for fans and supporters around the world. For more on their story, and to contribute to the organization or purchase a pair for yourself, visit their campaign page and find out how you can #WalkCana.

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