People October 17, 2018 | 9:40 am

Dominican Jazz Festival rocks South Florida


Miami. – In a striking show of professionalism, charisma and musical passion, the 7th annual South Florida Dominican Jazz Festival has been launched, where the stalwarts Paquito D’Rivera, Rafelito Mirabal, with their recognized “Sistema Temperado” and Roberto Perera, literally “did their own thing,” drawing the most sensitive emotions from an audience that seemed to “have moved to another dimension” under the charm of its performers and fusions.

In the cultural effort by Peter Landestoy and with the support of the Dominican Tourism Ministry, SG Resorts operations director Silverio Lantigua, El Nuevo Herald and other sponsors, the first onstage was Rafelito Mirabal.

The event forms part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the Flamingo Theater, where the percussionists David Almengod and Joel Guzmán imposed their will on the congas and drums.

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