Health April 10, 2020 | 10:16 am

Miami-based Amara La Negra donated 200 thousand pesos in food for families in Dominican Republic

A dollar is a dollar and every one counts right now

SANTO DOMINGO.- The singer and actress Amara La Negra, who lives in the city of Miami, donated 200 thousand pesos to buy food and other products for families affected by the covid-19 crisis in the Dominican Republic.

The singer-model explained that with her contribution some 125 low-income families will directly benefit, and thus be able to survive during these days where the economy is paralyzed at home and around the world.

“It is not who gives more! It is simply to help others however you can! To help and collaborate with our Dominican Brothers! That wealth of joys on our beautiful island! To go to the Resort! Vacation! Our Music and Dominican Artists! Everyone enjoys our Dominican Culture, women and men, but at times like this, we know who is who! I am already going for $ 200,000 pesos and more as I am able! And you? In union there is strength!” She said.

The donation was made through Don Miguelo’s Instagram platform, which in its controversial space from 0 to 10, has raised money to contribute to the needy in the country.


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