People May 16, 2020 | 11:21 am

Cristian Casablanca To David Ortiz: «I accept that I disrespected you. From me there is peace and love for you »

SANTO DOMINGO .- Visibly repentant, Cristian Casablanca apologized to former Major League player David Ortiz, whom he defined as his “brother.”

In a video of almost two minutes, the numerologist expressed “I accept that I disrespected you, I have no evil with you. I am sorry, my brother and you know that it is so that I do not have evil with you, nor with anyone. I’m sorry it happened, we didn’t have to be coming to this tell me and say, nor disrespect us.”

Casablanca assures that he is aware that he disrespected Big Daddy “if you accept that he disrespected me.”

He said that he apologized to the ex-player of the Boston Red Sox because he has children and that they question what is happening on social networks, like the situation he experienced a year ago when he was shot while sitting with a group of friends.

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