People January 27, 2021 | 11:45 am

Robin Bernstein: Diplomacy with humility and dedication

By Juan F. Puello Herrera

Translation: Miguel Terc

When diplomacy is performed with a sense of humility and dedication, it acquires new meaning in order to promote human and personal values, that includes everything that is good for us and what improves us, in addition to those experiences that we have assimilated in our lives that motivate our decisions every day.

In the aforementioned, courtesy is defined as a benevolence in small things, and that is nothing more than the role that the heart plays in our personality, and that of course is related to the education received from childhood.

What I am writing applies to Ms. Robin Stein Bernstein who concludes her mission as US ambassador to the Dominican Republic, of whose exemplary work her husband Richard and her children Arthur, Ariel, Alexandra and Julia should be proud, as well as being an entrepreneurial woman, philanthropist and exemplary mother, the qualities she inherited from her parents Karolyn and Archie (deceased).

Ambassador Bernstein’s passage through our country can be summarized and comes to my memory as in “The New Life” book of Dante Alighieri (chapters XII and XXVI): “Crowned and dressed she walks humbly, without showing conceit of what she saw or heard. After she passes by, many said: she is not a woman but a beautiful angel from heaven. She had a humility so sincere that she seemed to say: I am at peace. Shalom Aleijem.

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