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Body landscapes: an exhibition that presents stereotypes of the contemporary female figure in a playful and colorful way

Santo Domingo, June 2021. – A collection of works of art in acrylic and oil on canvas, which shows the vision of the artist Ana Sofía Batlle about female identity, will be exhibited at the Fernando Peña Defilló Museum, from June 24 until August 8, 2021.
Body Landscapes aims to explore and question the preconceived ideas that exist today about women and invites the public to establish their own criteria about the meaning of women in today’s society.

Ana Sofía Batlle uses a mixed technique to recreate and give spontaneity to her works, and she mixes oil with elements like airbrush. The Dominican artist, who graduated in plastic arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (USA), has been developing her technique for several years, with which she represents female figurations within an illusory, colorful, playful, and contemporary landscape.

‘’ It is an opportunity to express my point of view through the art of a reality that I consider relevant in today’s society, at the same time it allows the public to know a new stage in my evolution as an artist ’’ highlights the young plastic artist.

This solo exhibition will be Batlle’s second in the Dominican Republic. The works that will be exhibited include All The Single Ladies, inspired by corporeal landscapes with which she expresses her perception of what it means to be feminine in today’s society, in which, according to the artist, preconceived ideas such as voluptuousness become decorative through visual patterns.

The Body Landscapes exhibition will be open to the general public in the iconic museum of the Colonial City, Fernando Peña Defilló, located on Padre Billini street on the corner of José Reyes.

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