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Deny K releases single “Saona Island”

Deny K

The urban artist Deny K has just released his latest single called “Isla Saona”, through which he seeks to promote tourism in the Dominican Republic, highlighting the beauty that the island contains. The artist born in Colombia and raised in Italy, is living in the Dominican Republic which he considers his new home.

“The Dominican Republic is a country full of musical diversity, cradle of urban music is for me something very great to be able to develop my music and at the same time contribute to the cultural and tourist development of an island that has me so in love,” said Deny K.

“Saona Island” is a fusion of rhythms with clean lyrics and content for all audiences, the single invites you to know the summer landscapes of Saona, its beaches and its splendor.

“The song was born from a visit I made with some friends to the island, being there I just started humming a lyric about the island and out of nowhere it became a song, together with the producer we added the music, and it was just incredible,” says Deny about his single.

The musical production was in charge of the genius of the music in Santiago DF Beatz, while the video was in charge of Victor Rangell and Carlos Spinelly, both creators of many artistic films for leaders of the genre such as Zion and Lenox, Chimbala, Mark B, J Quiles, Chimbala, Zion and Lenox, Yomel Meloso, among others.

Jhon Daniel Amorocho, stage name Deny K describes himself as mysterious, versatile, creative and daring, born in Colombia, since childhood he was cultivated music and singing, and has always liked to create new things, compose and learn.

“I want to send a message not only of composition but also of audiovisual concept, I always like to experiment with new things and that people enjoy what I like, that the public listens to what I cook in the studio with my team together with Joe my manager and that they capture the message behind each project” Deny K.

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