People August 29, 2022 | 8:17 am

Dominicanisimo Night at the Award Ceremony

Santiago Matias Padre, Junior Carmona and Johnny Mackenzie. Foto: Cesar Rivera

A special night at the Dominicanisimo Award Ceremony, held in Lawrence Massachusetts, where successful Dominican people such as politicians, businessmen, artists, and community leaders meet to celebrate their achievements and contributions in different areas. This event is carried out by Mr. Santiago Matias and Ms. Milagros Matias as a way to stimulate the Dominican diaspora residing in the United States.

In this photo you can see Mr. Matias, receiving Junior Carmona, a business leader from A Line Auto Glass, in Albany, NY, who says he would like to see this type of activity frequently and motivate entrepreneurs and leaders in the city of Albany to join in celebrating the successes obtained in cultural, sports, business and political aspects of Dominicans abroad. Mr. Carmona has already participated in several activities of this type in the region, previously as a sponsor of A Line Auto Glass for the Emmy’s, together with Omar Guzman and his Virus Deportivo program.

It is the first time that two entrepreneurial fathers of Dominican influencers come together in this event, as is the case of Santiago Matías father and Santiago Matías (Alofoke), and Junior Carmona and Jerry Carmona (Etervido).

We celebrate this initiative that exalts Dominicans and their contributions abroad.


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