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Dominican beaches enchant celebrities during 2022

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The number of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic is growing by the month, and among the foreigners who have been enchanted by this corner of the Caribbean are famous actors who have arrived this year for vacation or work. Aside from the singers who have come to the island to perform, film protagonists have also made their presence known in what many people around the world have defined as “paradise.” Enrique Arce, Mario Cimarro, Jacky Bracamontes, Ben Stiller, and Jake Gyllenhaal were among the film and television stars who visited Dominican territory during the nearly 365-day period. On Wednesday, it was revealed that the Spanish actor Enrique Arce, best known for his role as Arturo Román (Arturito) in the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel” (Money Heist), was enjoying Fricolandia beach in Puerto Plata’s El Castillo community of the municipality of Luperón.

According to a press release, Arce has visited the country three times and has decided to return. The actor was greeted by the owner of the private beach, Francisco A. Gómez, “Frico,” emphasized that the popular actor’s visit establishes this space as a country brand in Dominican tourism with its unique natural charm. Arce surprised everyone in April when he announced that he was so taken with the country that he would return. “I really liked that, and we’re going to make an announcement there with an important brand, and a property will fall for me there, specifically in the city of Samaná,” he said, adding that he’ll shoot a commercial as an ambassador for a Dominican brand.

Celebrities are well-known for preferring to spend their vacations on the North Coast. For example, Mario Cimarro waited for 2022 on the beaches of Puerto Plata. Cimarro, who plays Juan Reyes in “Pasión de Gavilanes,” was with his girlfriend, Bronislava Greguová, a Slovakian model 21 years his junior (51-30). “Have a wonderful time, as you deserve!” Cimarro wrote from the Dominican Republic. Lots of positive energy, my people!” Jacqueline Bracamontes was also seen in “La Novia del Atlántico” at the end of last year. The Mexican actress was sailing with her husband, Martin Fuentes, and their five daughters. The actress was at the Emotions by Hodelpa hotel in the Playa Dorada complex, which was simple and friendly.


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