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Go Forward offers conference on Intelligent Operations

Ricardo Peguero.

Santo Domingo.- With the slogan “Build to Expand” the entrepreneur Ricardo Peguero, co-founder of Go Forward, gave the conference “Intelligent Operations: Building to Expand”, within Crece Santo Domingo, a platform of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo that offers to facilitate doing business, promoting micro, small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing them with tools that allow them to grow.

During the conference, held from September 27 to 29 at Sambil’s Gran Salón de Eventos and sponsored by Altice, Peguero focused on the importance for entrepreneurs to learn how to define and design processes and procedures in their companies, in order to achieve scalability in business.

He also emphasized that the success of a business consists in being able to effectively establish organizational procedures in order to achieve sustainability over time.

He pointed out that there are no good or bad procedures, but rather efficient and inefficient procedures.

About Go Forward

Go Forward is a company that accompanies SMEs, entrepreneurs and business owners in the process of evaluation, selection and purchase of a franchise in the Dominican Republic, United States or Canada, creating a robust and scalable operation.

Go Forward has created Go Forward Together, which is a Continuous Growth Community with monthly group Master Class and coaching sessions for business owners and entrepreneurs where they can consult on issues that are impacting business operations.

To learn more about Go Forward visit their website and social networks instagram/@goforwardinc facebook/@goforwardinc linkedin/@goforwardinc.

About Ricardo Peguero

Co-founder of Go Forward and the Evolución Inteligente® ecosystem, Ricardo Peguero is a dynamic professional with more than 30 years of experience in Operations Design and Management and Customer Experience in the Banking, Insurance and Telecommunications sectors.

As an entrepreneur and franchisee of one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada, Ricardo focuses his efforts on helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dream of business ownership and companies achieve their goals of smart growth using the franchise model and the proprietary Intelligent Evolution ecosystem.

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