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Evelyna Rodríguez shortlisted for the Platino Awards

Santo Domingo.- Actress and producer Evelyna Rodríguez has earned a spot in the 11th edition of the Platino Awards for her outstanding performance in the film “Seropositive” (0+), a gripping drama based on a real-life story.

Expressing her gratitude for this special recognition, Rodríguez stated, “This is a very special distinction, it is the first time that I have been taken into account to enter this prestigious preselection that seeks to highlight the cinematographic talent of Ibero-America, especially with a project to which I gave my soul and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I feel very grateful for this consideration.”

In the preselection, Rodríguez is nominated in the “Best Female Performance” category, facing competition from over 1,121 productions representing 23 Ibero-American countries.

“Seropositive” (0+), a Dominican film produced by Pop Entertainment in collaboration with Argentina, unfolds the story of Gina, a woman grappling with the consequences of rejection, prejudice, and ignorance after being diagnosed with a syndrome that, at the time, had little information and limited treatments. The narrative, set in the 1990s, explores a period marked by excess where understanding of the HIV virus was limited, leading those affected to endure ignorance and discrimination.

Evelyna Rodríguez and Danilo Reynoso, both protagonists and producers of “Seropositive” through their company Pop Entertainment, reflect on the unique experience of wearing multiple hats in film production. They emphasize the importance of sharing such stories that not only entertain but also shed light on societal issues and contribute to a broader understanding.

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