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Lynda Rodríguez unveils editorial production at Harvard University

Santo Domingo.- Lynda Rodríguez, a seasoned columnist and etiquette consultant, introduces “Penelope goes to a Birthday Party,” a children’s book aimed at instilling good behavior and manners in young boys and girls from the age of 4. With 32 illustrated pages, the book serves as a delightful guide to the fundamental principles of etiquette to consider when attending social events.

Emphasizing the significance of early education in etiquette and protocol, Rodríguez sees it as a foundation that nurtures trust, respect, harmony, and organization in any social setting. The book is designed to help parents educate their children about basic etiquette rules through an entertaining story, particularly focusing on behaviors at birthday parties.

Rodríguez shared that, for every unit sold in the United States, a book will be donated to a low-income child in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, the Spanish version will be available for free on her website:

The English version of the book was launched on October 4, 2023, at the Harvard University School of Education, with plans for the Spanish version to be released in 2024.

About Lynda Rodriguez

Lynda Rodríguez, with multiple master’s degrees, including one from the Harvard University School of Education, has conducted etiquette and protocol workshops across America, Europe, and the Middle East. Her courses cater to children, adolescents, adults, and companies seeking to enhance social skills and expand knowledge of international etiquette and protocol.

She holds expertise in international etiquette and protocol through studies in London, Spain, Japan, and Latin America. Lynda’s articles on etiquette and education have been published in numerous international media. Her achievements include winning the National Youth Award by the Government of the Dominican Republic and receiving various international recognitions for her professional and charitable contributions.

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