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Peña Suazo celebrates his 30-year music career

Santo Domingo.- José Virgilio Peña Suazo, the boy born in Cotuí, who once sold sweets in his early childhood to contribute to his family’s finances, is gearing up to celebrate his 30-year successful music career. With an untarnished reputation, he continues to climb in popularity, earning the title of “The King of Mambo.”

The leader of Banda Gorda has achieved a level of quality and talent that makes his music one of the most played in electoral campaigns, regardless of the political group. Aspiring candidates, irrespective of political affiliation, seek to associate with him, trusting, as Peña Suazo has emphasized, that “God has mine for me.”

The concert, titled “30 years, my musical history,” celebrating three decades of Banda Gorda, will take place on Wednesday, February 14, at Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo in Blue Mall, coinciding with the Day of Love and Friendship.

Speaking at a press meeting held at Hard Rock Café, the singer of hits like “You die here,” “My wife rules me,” “I bring fire,” “For those who suffer,” and “This is danced like this,” assured that the night will be special, and the audience will enjoy everything presented, showing support for three decades.

“We are preparing a concert where music will play a leading role, along with invited musicians and friends who have been part of this journey that began as a dream and for which we began to fight from day one,” explained Peña Suazo.

The popular merenguero mentioned that due to international commitments, many of his colleagues who wanted to accompany him won’t be present. However, he announced that he will have special guests on that special night for “Doña Nina’s Son,” as he has been known since his early days in music.

Great Repertoire Peña Suazo emphasized that, along with the production team led by the young businessman Richard Richardson, he is preparing a concert with one of the most successful and danceable repertoires of any merengue orchestra. “It will be a night in which we will make available to the people who accompany us a repertoire in which, I have no doubt, there will be no room for boredom.”

The 30 years in music of the so-called ‘King of Mambo’ serve as an example of hard work and perseverance, rewarded with the support of an audience that has remained faithful since the release of his first album, “Libre al fin,” on April 19, 1994.

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