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Renowned psychologist Ana Simó unveils bestselling book ‘Surviving Infidelity’

Santo Domingo.- Renowned psychologist Ana Simó has recently published her debut book titled “Surviving Infidelity,” delving into one of the most perennially debated relationship issues.

The book launch took place in the intimate ambiance of the private room at Bottega Fratelli restaurant, drawing mental health professionals, representatives from related institutions, as well as friends and colleagues of Dr. Simó.

As the master of ceremonies, Miralba Ruiz welcomed the guests and took a moment to reflect on the profound traumas inflicted by unfaithful behavior in couples, dispelling the misconception that it’s an insurmountable problem.

Dr. Ramón Emilio Almánzar, a clinical psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and sexologist, addressed the audience, summarizing key points from the book’s prologue. He described “Surviving Infidelity” as a carefully crafted piece that offers digestible insights, likening it to a well-balanced recipe that tantalizes the reader’s palate.

Dr. Ana Simó, the central figure of the event, shared her motivations for writing the book and highlighted the extensive research process behind it. Drawing from her wealth of experience in counseling, she recounted cases of couples who have overcome infidelity and now enjoy stable, functional relationships.

Simó expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the book’s journey, including the Bien-etre publishing house and the Buho editor. She proudly announced that “Surviving Infidelity” became a bestseller on Spanish Amazon within 24 hours of its release, ranking 110th in the general bestselling books, securing the top spot in conflict management and dysfunctional relationships categories, and claiming the second position in the Marriage category.

As a gesture of support, Simó donated copies of her book to Mr. Ariel Báez from the Faculty of Humanities of Unicaribe and Dr. Rafael García from the Institute of Human Sexuality of the UASD, intending for them to be used as reference texts in their faculties.

“Surviving Infidelity” comprises 186 pages divided into 10 chapters covering various topics such as the root causes of infidelity, the impact of social media on infidelity, infidelity as trauma, and finding happiness after infidelity, among others.

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