Bavaro & Punta Cana March 25, 2024 | 2:26 pm

Water challenges discussed by Osiris de León in Cap Cana

Cap Cana.- In observance of World Water Day, geologist Osiris de León, in collaboration with the Juanillo Tourist Aqueducts Corporation (ACUATUR), delivered an enlightening discourse addressing the prevailing water challenges across the Dominican Republic, including droughts and underground water reserves depletion due to climate change impacts.

De León elucidated to the attendees in Cap Cana, a prominent tourist destination, about the inherent quality of water and how climate change has precipitated its current degradation, leading to a spectrum of issues ranging from droughts to acidification. These challenges pose significant problems for aqueducts and contribute to the diminishing availability of this vital resource.

Moreover, the geologist underscored the comprehensive water management approach adopted by the Eastern tourist hub, particularly highlighting the water supply system implemented in Cap Cana. This system relies on the extraction of groundwater through drilling wells, designed and executed in accordance with rigorous engineering standards and governmental regulations.

Presently, ACUATUR operates with five wells located 13.65 kilometers inland, equipped with a 400 mm diameter drive line to pump water. Additionally, the corporation manages 30 pumping stations to collect and treat wastewater, subsequently repurposing it for irrigation purposes across various green spaces within the destination, including the Punta Espada golf course, Los Establos Ciudad Ecuestre, and the under-construction Las Iguanas golf course.

Jorge Subero Medina, the executive president of Cap Cana, expressed gratitude to Osiris de León for shedding light on the paramount importance of water resources. He emphasized the destination’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, attributing its foundational principles to the establishment of robust infrastructure to cater to evolving community needs.

Julio Barranco, director of ACUATUR, reiterated the aqueduct’s dedication to meeting current and future demand while ensuring sustainability and responsibility. He highlighted the aqueduct’s unique advantage, courtesy of Cap Cana’s topography, allowing for the gravitational distribution of water without the need for energy-intensive pumping systems.

Barranco concluded by emphasizing the environmentally conscious wastewater treatment processes employed by ACUATUR, emphasizing their reliance on aerobic methods that eschew chemical additives, relying solely on air and chlorine for particle decomposition.

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