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Seeking a team for Vladdy

Montreal – Vladdy Guerrero Jr, one of the best Dominican players in the Major Leagues, still does not know his future destination.

“That’s what I’d like,” Vladdy replied when asked if Toronto had offered him a contract extension.

The first logic that jumps to the mind is that Toronto doesn’t have the budget to embark on “a ballot war.”

It’s unbelievable that Toronto, having a hitter of that level who arrived preceded by fame and quality, has not yet said anything to him.

The player’s reaction, “Whether it’s Toronto or another team, they’re going to have to pay me anyway,” leaves room to speculate where his next stop would be.

The 25-year-old Guerrero, who hit 48 home runs in 2021, can surpass 50 in any season.

Let’s look to the future and ask: Where would he fit?

1- Although Vladdy dismissed the Yankees, a sack of dollars makes anyone change their mind.
Boston, which hasn’t invested much money, could be another ideal destination.
The Mets could do a cleanup and try to go for Vladdy to change the face of the club.
4- It would be interesting to see him with the Cubs and set fire to the traditional Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Where do you think it would suit him best?

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