Poverty January 13, 2015 | 11:21 am

Government turns its back to the border: Senator

Santo Domingo.- Pedernales province (southwest) senator Dionis Sanchez on Tuesday said the government turns its back to the border and forces inhabitants to emigrate to big cities, leaving the region to the Haitians.

He said the situation goes back many years and voices his criticism so the government and all sectors deal with the border and feel the need to Dominicanize it.

Interviewed on Telesistema, Channel 11, the lawmaker stressed the need to create jobs and build the works which border towns demand so the people don’t feel forced to leave the misery and allow the Haitians to take their place.

The ruling PLD party legislator noted that border provinces have the highest unemployment, malnutrition and lack of opportunities, “and that must change.”

Back to norma

Sanchez said normalcy returned to the border towns of Anse-à-Pitre in Haiti, and Pedernales where Monday’s market was held smoothly.

"It is my understanding that the Dominican consulate opens today as part of activities which have returned to normal between the two nations."

He called the border with Haiti is Pedernales "the most peaceful of all crossings," where he affirms the people live in harmony.

He also asked the authorities to clearly mark the territorial waters between Haiti and Dominican Republic

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