Poverty January 30, 2015 | 9:05 am

PLAN: 26% of Dominican youngsters are ‘Ni-Nis’

Santo Domingo .- Plan International in Dominican Republic (Plan DR) on Thursday stressed its concern with unemployment and lack of opportunities for Dominican youngsters, 26% of whom neither work nor study (‘Ni-Nis’), according to National Statistics Office (NSO) figures from 2013, EFE reports.

DR Plan director Brechtje van Lith made the statement during the presentation of communicators Marianne Cruz and Lidia Ariza and Olympic gymnast Yamilet Peñadel, as members of the Ambassadors Committee for Children created by Plan RD.

She said the Committee forms part of the actions to mark National Youth Day on January 31, aimed at supporting RD Plan’s efforts "to raise the voice of children and youngsters in all areas, and raise awareness on issues affecting both groups. "

During the meeting the head of the children’s rights organization listed Dominican youngsters’ limitation to develop economically, such as scarce jobs, low quality education vocational training and limited access to microcredit.

Van Lith also stressed the shortcomings resulting from pregnancies in minors. "Teenage motherhood reduces educational and employment opportunities for women."

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