Poverty February 9, 2015 | 9:11 am

Haitians ‘rent’ official documents to cross border

Santo Domingo.- François, a Haitian who decided to settle in the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, four years ago, sends money to his small family near Port-au-Prince, beamed when he returned to the condo where he works as a watchman.

Interviewed by elcaribe.com.do, François said many of his compatriots are using “rented” officials documents of the Dominican Republic to enter illegally.

He said the fact he has a steady job during nearly five years makes him quite happy financially, even if he’s working here "without papers,” earning RD$8,500 monthly.

François, 34, who doesn’t read or write, affirmed that he knows of more than a dozen compatriots who also work for low pay in residential areas located in the western part of the National District.

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