Poverty February 20, 2015 | 8:27 am

No more delays on 30% wage hike: Unions

Santo Domingo.- Labor union leaders are upbeat that the 30% salary increase will become reality without further delay at the Labor Ministry’s National Wage Committee (CNS) meeting next Thursday.

National Unions Council (CNUS) spokesman Rafael-Pepe Abreu on Thursday said workers are sticking with their proposal to hike the minimum wage by 30%.

He said the salary increase should be retroactive to the last six months of last year, given” the constant and scandalous increases in prices of items that make up the basic shopping basket,” as well as utilities and medicines, which he affirms has deteriorated the quality of life of workers and their families.

"We call on the employers’ representatives not go to Thursday’s Committee meeting with trivial arguments to torpedo the fair demands of workers, who are ultimately the ones who contribute to generate the wealth that employers enjoy," Abreu said.

The union leader said workers expect that the 30% minimum wage increase resolution will come out of the meeting.

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