Poverty February 25, 2015 | 12:17 pm

Sean Penn, Clinton, Dominican mogul’ have big plans for Haiti: Acento

Santo Domingo.- Former US president Bill Clinton and actor Sean Penn met this week with Dominican mogul Juan Vicini, who was shown their projects developed and plans by foundations sponsored by both personalities, Acento.com.do reports.

The two-day tour was headed by Clinton with the Clinton Foundation, and Penn, president of the Jenkins-Penn Haiti Relief Organization. They visited all the projects which have been materialized in Haiti with funds raised by both foundations.

The two-day tour of Haiti results from a mid-January auction in Beverly Hills won by Juan Vicini, to accompany Clinton and Penn in their tour.

Vicini, who forms part of one of Dominican Republic’s most influential families and investors, paid US$500,000, which in turn would be used to develop projects to benefit Haiti’s most vulnerable groups.

Vicini also heads a group of Dominican and Haitian investors who meet to plan and develop joint projects along the Haiti-Dominican border.

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