Poverty March 10, 2015 | 9:50 am

Pressure on migrants isn’t from Europe: Dominican envoy in UK

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s ambassador to Great Britain on Monday said the European Union actively supports the search for solutions to the problem of illegal immigration, consistent with international obligations and domestic legislation.

Federico Cuello his country "has the hemisphere’s most modern constitution, where all human rights are enshrined in the Constitution and in this country compliance is much wider than in many countries which surround us, with discrimination against foreigners. They don’t even let them in, and are returned ipso facto."

He said that’s not the reality in the Dominican Republic where he affirms there’s no discrimination against any immigrant to access health services, education, or justice; while in many other surrounding countries, "which criticize us and the choices we’ve made in regional organizations, that’s not the norm, because these regional organizations don’t recognize these human rights provisions.”

Interviewed on Hoy Mismo Channel 9, the diplomat noted that no European country has national criteria of citizenship based on the simple Jus Soli, or the right of soil.

"If a child is born to foreigners in an European country, they have no right to nationality in any European nation. Their parents have to be naturalized and after a period they can also become naturalized. So there’s no problem there,” Cuello said, adding that around 160 UN members countries have requirements “similar to ours, some even tighter."

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