Poverty May 28, 2015 | 9:49 am

Pay attention to Haitian immigrants, Pope tells Dominican bishops

Vatican City (AP).- Pope Francis on Thursday called on Dominican Republic’s bishops to pay particular attention to Haitian immigrants, during an audience with every Catholic bishop held every five years to render a report on the state of their diocese, AP reports.

"The pastoral and charitable care of immigrants, especially those from neighboring Haiti, seeking better living conditions in the Dominican Republic, doesn’t allow for indifference of the pastors of the Church," the pontiff said.

"It’s necessary to continue to cooperate with civil authorities to achieve solutions of solidarity with the problems of those who are deprived of documents and are denied their basic rights," said Francis,

He said "failure to promote brotherhood and peace initiatives between the two countries, which form this beautiful Caribbean Island, is inexcusable."

"It’s important to integrate immigrants into society and welcome them into the ecclesial community. I appreciate that you are close to them and to all who suffer," the Pope said.

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