Poverty July 6, 2015 | 3:55 pm

Dominican Govt. helps 37,000 Haitians move back home

Santo Domingo .- Nearly37,000 undocumented Haitian immigrants have left Dominican Republic on theirwon since June 18, one day after the deadline to apply for the government’s programto regularize foreigners expired, EFE reports

Immigration Agency director Ruben Dario Paulino said ofthe total, 8,261 are minors.

He said many of the undocumented foreigners would be evaluatedto make it easier for them to leave Dominican territory and return to theircountry. "We will continue to provide the necessary facilities to thosewho request assistance to return home voluntarily."

"We will continue assisting with land and freighttransport for illegal aliens in the country who decide to return to theirhomeland, it’s in the Government’s interest to continue providing this servicefrom Immigration as we evaluate the results of the program," Paulino saidin a statement.

For those who apply for voluntary return the programprovides trucks to transport their furniture and other belongings as well as thenecessary contacts with Haitian consular and diplomatic officials.

Dario cautioned that the undocumented foreigners who didn’tregister for the country’s legalization program could be deported as soon as tomorrowTuesday, July 7.

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