Poverty July 9, 2015 | 8:51 am

Lawmaker slams ‘wages of misery’ paid to police

Santo Domingo.- The chairman of the committee of Deputiesstudying the proposed Police Reform on Wednesdayslammed the “wages of misery” paid to agents, and questioned the fact thatNational Police officials and military officers own private security companies.

Elpido Baez also criticized the fact that officials who arecriminal lawyers have active offices while prosecuting criminal cases for theNational Police.

"There’s a conflict of interest, when you come torealize it, those clients of the law office are being prosecuted, or worse, asenior officer with a security company. Crime is increasing and thoseresponsible for public safety have security companies, therefore they aren’t reliable,"the lawmaker said.

Baez added that Dominican Republic cannot talk aboutpolice reform when law enforcement officers are paid wages of misery. "A manin uniform, armed with the State authority cannot be paid paltry wages thatpush him to indelicate behavior. That’s not possible."

Symbols of tyranny

The journalist Fausto Rosario said the National Police shouldbe demilitarized and turn it into a civilian agency, starting with removing thesymbols of the Trujillo tyranny he affirms are visible on police uniforms.

The editor in chief of acento.com.do also said it’s amistake to leave the draft of the anticrime policies to Congress.

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