Poverty July 13, 2015 | 9:27 am

In Dominican Republic visit Taiwan leader asks world’s help for Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou, who’s onofficial visit to the since Sunday called on the international community for an"in depth" solution to Haiti’s economic woes, aimed at haltingillegal migration of its citizens to other nations, especially DominicanRepublic.

The Asian leader, who’s on a tour of the Americancontinent, made the statement to the foreign media and stressed that illegalmigration and subsequent deportation of undocumented aliens "cannot beresolved by force of a single state or one single country."

Ma stressed that the immigration problem isn’t only aDominican issue, and instead has international reach and also affects nationssuch as the United States, and European and African countries.

He stressed that cooperation and consensus betweenDominican Republic and Haiti require international support to resolve Haiti’seconomic problem in depth, "because if not resolved, the problem ofillegal immigrants will always exist."

He also offered Taipei’s support for the two nations, thevery view which still hold diplomatic ties with Taiwan, to advance in solvingthe immigration issue.

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