Poverty August 6, 2015 | 11:23 am

Dominican Republic´s oldest nursing home on the brink: Acento

SantoDomingo.- Dominican Republic´s biggestnursing and one of its oldest has over 500 applicants waiting to be acceptedbut the government´s meager RD$265,000 monthly allocation which is the nursinghome´s only fixed income is barely enough to pay 114 of its 164 workers andpartially cover other expenses.

Relatives of theaged in the San Francisco de Asis nursing home warn of its dire condition, whichprompted reporters of news outlet acento.com.do to visit and verify theircomplaints.

"The elderlywho come here have nothing and rely on nothing … no one wants themanywhere," said the nun Maria Romero, director of the home, which despitescant resources houses about 300 seniorsfrom across the country.

Romero said the CatholicOrder "Sisters of the elderly homeless" is in charge of the center on Independencia Av. which counts on 10 volunteers from around the world. "We´re able toaccommodate 300 patients and we have them. But every day we receive dozens ofrequests and there are people who bring their relatives, leave them in the yardand run away … the leave, they don’t want nothing to do about their elderly."

The prelate,who´s been working in the home for 26 years warned that without a higherallocation its impossible to ´help the people who want grow old and die withdignity. "Right now we need wheelchairs, medicines, food and disposable adultdiapers."

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