Poverty August 21, 2015 | 9:15 am

France should let millions of Haitians into Guyana: Dominican writer

Santo Domingo-Prominent sociologist and writer Cherezada (Chiqui) Vicioso on Thursday proposedthat France let millions of Haitians settle in French Guyana to solve Hispaniola´soverpopulation.

She said her proposaltakes into account French Guyana´s low population density, where just 208,000inhabitants live on an area?? of 92,300 square kilometers.

"Let’s cut tothe chase: Although Haiti is part of the Latin American community, it´s the OASor the United States who must resolve the serious problems of our sister nation,"Vicioso said, quoted by Veta.com.

"Humanity knowsthat 250 years ago Haiti was France´s richest colony, for its vast resourcesand slave labor, and we all know that after the slaves freed themselves and wagedthe world´s first black revolution, defeating, among others, Napoleon´s vastly powerfularmy, all countries with slaves boycotted including France,” the sociologist said.

"The results ofthis situation are felt to this day, with Haiti being the poorest country inAmerica and with 10.32 million inhabitants, a third of Hispaniola, has eroded itsenvironment so that today has only two percent of green area," the writersaid.

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