Poverty September 1, 2015 | 2:39 pm

No ´witch hunt´ as Dominican Republic continues deportations

Santo Domingo.- Over 78,000 immigrants who applied for the government program to regularize foreigners didn’t qualify to stay in Dominican Republic, said Interior and Police minister Jose R. Fadul, noting that there´s “no witch hunt" in deportations.

He said of the 288,466 foreigners who registered during the 18 months-long process, 210 qualified or were able to complete the required documentation to remain in the country.

Fadul said 84,000 ID cards have been delivered thus far, not including 1,000 other to be given to farm workers in Valverde province (northwest) today Tuesday.

The official said 110,000 IDs are ready at Interior and Police to be picked up by the applicants.

Deportations continue

The official, speaking at the National Palace, said deportations of undocumented workers –which began Aug. 14- haven’t been halted and immigration policies and the law are being enforced. “The deportees´ rights are being respected during the repatriations, so there is no witch hunt."

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