Poverty January 12, 2016 | 9:57 am

Ambitious project so river people can ´live in dignity´

Santo Domingo.- DaniloMedina´s administration plans to improve all neighborhoods along the Ozama riverbanks top benefit thousands of people, La Barquita environmental project (Urbe)director José Miguel González revealed Tuesday.

He said the project isnot about transferring people at risk living along the Ozama banks to otherplaces. "It’s a different project. The people will not be taken out, butto fix what’s there, so that people can live in dignity."

He said Urbe studiesthe sectors along the Ozama at Medina´s request, with a proposal that could beready within the next two months.

"We will recoverthe swath on the riverbank. The analysis of its realignment is being working on,"the official said interviewed by elcaribe.com.do.

Gonzalez said displacingthe nearly 100,000 people who´ve spent their entire life in that area is not thesolution, as some people have stated, but improve their conditions through asocial project instead. "It isn’t just any intervention. It´s not liketalking about taking these people out of there."

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