Poverty January 15, 2016 | 4:25 pm

Govt. to create housing fund for low income families

Santo Domingo.- Presidencychief of staff Gustavo Montalvo on Friday announced the government mulls thecreation of a fund to subsidize access to housing for low income families.

He said legislation on housingrental will also be reviewed, to ensure decent living conditions for familieswho haven’t saved enough to buy a home. "There is also a new model ofcooperation with community organizations, providing for the delivery ofconstruction materials to implement their own constructions and rehabilitation."

Montalvo announced thecreation of a joint committee formed by the public and private sectors, to studythe legal provisions needed to amend the law on leases, the trust law and thecondominium law, to support those and other new proposals.

"A strong proof ofthe Government´s willingness to improve the housing policy is declaring 2016"Year of Housing Development," Montalvo said, speaking to mark the 53anniversary of the Dominican Engineers Architects and Surveyors Guild (CODIA).

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