Poverty August 15, 2016 | 9:07 am

Agency kudos: Vice President’s work cuts hunger from 34.3% to 12%

Santo Domingo.- The World Food Program (WFP) on Friday calledDominican Republic’s experience and actions to improve the population’s nutritiona global benchmark.

WFP regional director Miguel Barreto, and global nutrition directorLauren Landi made the affirmation during a meeting with vice presidentMargarita Cedeño, to discuss the Dominican government’s projects aimed atimproving the population’s nutrition.

They also discussed the nutritional programs carried out bythe Vice Presidency’s, in partnership with the WFP, which reduced hunger from 34.3%to 12%, and earned recognition as one of the nations that reached the MillenniumDevelopment Goals in advance.

They also noted that anemia decreased by 50 percent in familiesthat participated in the government’s social programs, which has beenrecognized by other countries and international organizations.

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