Poverty October 10, 2016 | 11:35 am

Dominican Rep. sends aid to Haiti, asks world to pitch in

Santo Domingo.- The government of theDominican Republic will send materials and food to Haiti to help thecommunities hit by Hurricane Matthew last week, and will arrive Tuesday night atthe border town Jimani, and in Port au Prince early Wednesday.

After a meeting with officials headed by presidentDanilo Medina, Presidency administrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta said medicines,wood, tin roofing, rabies vaccines, mattresses, water, equipment to treat water,mobile kitchens and a Public Works convoy with teams of Dominican personnel to reopenwashed out roads.

Moreover, cooked foods will arrive in Pedernales(southwest) daily by sea, to help devastated villages on Haiti’s southernpeninsula. "Dominican Republic’s help to the brotherly people of Haiti isoverwhelming at a time when the tragedy returns to that sister nation, so we requestinternational solidarity which the people need, and the solidarity of allDominicans who can contribute."

Although the official didn’t specify toreporters how much the government assistance is worth, Peralta affirmed thatHaiti authorities will handle the logistics.

He added that aiding Haiti also benefits Dominicans,because in his view, it can counter the outbreak of diseases like cholera andmalaria.

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