Poverty October 11, 2016 | 8:24 am

In a land of wages of misery, ballooned salaries: report

Santo Domingo.- "No public servant ofthe Dominican State may earn a higher salary than the head of state powers ofconstitutional origin of the entities and dependent or associated agencies to theexecutive branch for which they function. Furthermore, no public servant willaccrue a greater salary than that received by the immediate supervisor," stipulatesWage Act Regulation 105-13.

A compilation by diariolibre.com howevershows a clear violation by government agencies which establish salaries wellabove that of the President, of RD$450,000 per month.

"Such is the case of the Governor of theCentral Bank, whose salary of RD$1,146,000 is close to the US$32.917 (RD$1,528,000),per month earned by the President of the United States, (and nearly double theSecretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury, both of US$16.642 (RD$698.964)monthly," the outlet reports.

In the Central Bank’s enviable payroll also figurethe Lieutenant Governor, RD$1,033,000; the Manager RD$918,070 and the DeputyGeneral Manager RD$712,905. There are even directors with salaries as high asRD$483,900.

The highest salaries

Governor of the Central Bank RD$1,146,045

Lieutenant Governor of the Central Bank RD$1,033,975

Superintendent of Banks RD$999,970

Manager of the Central Bank RD$918,070

Comptroller of the Central Bank RD$812,150

Superintendent of Insurance RD $800,000

Deputy Manager of the Central Bank RD $ 712,905

Superintendent of Securities RD$700,000

Central Bank Human Resources Director RD$651,010

Director of Customs RD$630.919

President of the Republic RD$450,000

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