Poverty September 6, 2018 | 2:25 pm

Poor province won’t be the Gov.’s ‘condom’ any longer

D. Sanchez.

Santo Domingo.- A ruling party senator on Wed. slammed the government’s “constantly unfulfilled promises” of tourism development and other works for Pedernales, which in his view leaves the youth of his province with only two options: emigrate to the barrios of misery in the big cities or go to the beaches to look for “the damn drugs before the eyes of the entire world.”

Dionis Sanchez, who voiced his complaint in the Senate, affirmed that “the devil himself” is taking Pedernales’ inhabitants.

He warned that the population is growing tired of announcements and promises of major works, especially in the tourism sector. “We’ll no longer allow us being used as condoms to continue doing what they have done for the past five years.”

He’s under the impression, the lawmaker said, that when the Govt. wants to get an important topic out of the headlines, it will resort to the beach of Bahía de las Aguilas.

He added that despite the more than 200,000 jobs he affirms have been created during the current term in office 2,000 jobs have been lost in his province.

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