Poverty December 11, 2018 | 4:58 pm

Crime is the country’s main problem: Govt. poll

White collar crime included. File

Santo Domingo.- 76.6% of households in the Dominican Republic consider that the country’s main problem is crime, while 44.6% says unemployment, 28.6% the cost of living and 24.9%, corruption.

The figures are in the latest edition of the National Multipurpose Household Survey (ENHOGAR) 2017, released by the National Statistics Office (ONE), a government agency.

The survey found that specifically in the neighborhood or community, 46.1% say the main problem is crime, 30.5% believe it’s unemployment, 27.0% lack of water and 25.7% lack of electricity.

The cause of crime is unemployment, according to 76.5% of households; poverty, according to 30.0%, while 15.8% think that the lack of opportunities to study leads to crime. “When specifically referring to crime in the neighborhood or community, 68.7% of households said unemployment;  27.4% said poverty, 14.4% the lack of opportunities to study and 12.5% % to drug consumption.

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