Poverty June 24, 2019 | 5:25 pm

Immigrant workers provide 9.5% added value to the economy: UN study

Santo Domingo.- Immigrant workers provide 9.5% added value to the Dominican economy, although in some activities, such as agriculture and construction, their contribution soars to nearly 30%.

Foreigners are 9.6% of the country’s employed population (417,104 people), mostly Haitians (334,111 people).

An immigrant’s average monthly income is RD$12,108.88, with differences between the place of origin of these people. For example, those born in Haiti earn an average of RD$11,478.4 per month, while those born in other countries earn around RD$15,360.9 per month.

The figures are contained in the document “Contribution to the added value of the population of foreign origin in the Dominican Republic,” a complementary study to the II National Survey of Immigrants conducted by the European Union (EU) and the UN Population Fund (Unfpa).

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