Bavaro & Punta Cana August 26, 2019 | 4:10 pm

Dominican Republic ‘well on its way’ to eradicate hunger

Julio Berdegué. Photo

Punta Cana.- The Dominican Republic is “well on its way” to eradicate hunger and achieve the 2030 Agenda’s sustainable development objective, FAO representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, Julio Berdegué affirmed Monday.

“The task is not finished yet. We have a little less than 10% of the population in hunger condition. But the truth is that we have an accelerated fall. I believe that if the Dominican Republic maintains this progress, it will be one of the Latin America and Caribbean countries that can effectively fulfill the task of zero hunger in 2030,” Berdegué told a FAO press conference in Punta Cana (east).

The FAO representative stressed that, in addition, a “notable” reduction in rural poverty and extreme poverty has been achieved in the country.

“We still cannot sing victory, but I want to highlight on behalf of FAO the significant progress of this country, which is becoming a reference point for the whole of our region,” he added.

Moreover, Berdegué attributed Dominican Republic’s progress “not only to a Government” but to the involvement of the entire society.

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