Poverty January 13, 2020 | 11:49 am

Corruption widens inequality among Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic is the eighth most corrupt country in Latin America and the Caribbean, ranked 129th among 180 countries, as published by Transparency International – TI- in 2018.

That year, the country’s Corruption Perception Index was placed at 30 points out of 100, one more than the 29 registered in 2017, a level that is still considered “high.”

This slight movement does not seem to be a great deterioration until the effects of this behavior on the Dominican economy are analyzed individually.

Lethal effects

Specifically, for each point that increases the perception of Corruption, the country’s GDP decreases -0.7%, and the Gini Coefficient (index that measures inequality) falls -2.36% respectively.

“This means that income distribution tends to be lower in the presence of high levels of corruption…. therefore, inequality rises,” TI said.

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