Poverty February 5, 2021 | 7:31 am

Half of Dominican Republic workers earn less than US$260/M

Santo Domingo.- Data from the Single Information and Collection System (SUIR) of the Social Security Treasury (TSS) indicate that as of December 31, the percentage of workers contributing to Social Security registered in the SUIR who received salary income below RD$10,001, is 15.43% unlike the same period for 2019, which was 13.89% in the same salary range.

The document shows that half of Dominican workers earn wages below RD$15,000 (US$260) per month. Of 2,039,902 workers who were contributing as of December 31, 2020, some 712,669 workers have a salary range between RD$10,001 and RD$15,000, for 34.94%.

Likewise, workers with a salary range of up to RD$10,000 and who are listed on the TSS, both in the public and private sectors, amount to 314,832 employees, reaching 15.43%. Contributing workers with a salary range between RD$15,001 and RD$20,000 amount to 343,329, for 16.83% of all workers in the public and private sectors.

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