Poverty June 2, 2022 | 7:23 am

Dominican Republic seeks help for Haiti, again

Santo Domingo.- The United States assured Wednesday that it plans to discuss the Haitian crisis with the leaders of the region at the next Summit of the Americas, among the issues are access to health and migration.

When asked about the issues they want to address about the multiple crises Haiti is facing, Brian A. Nichols, Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said they are focused on addressing various elements that can benefit the Haitian people.

“Access to health is one, changes in the way we approach some economic issues, obviously migration, which is an area where we have to do more to support and engage Haiti, there are many interesting things in that area.”

Years of pleading

For years Dominican Republic has pleaded for help for its impoverished neighbor in Hispaniola.

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Sandra Vilsaint
June 2, 2022 4:15 pm

I agree because I can’t go to my country that so s

June 2, 2022 10:52 pm

That is always the problem “I,I,I”, go learn regarding geopolitic before you answer to anything at all. Also reread the article and may be next year you will understand.

Daniel cherubin
June 2, 2022 6:56 pm

Haiti dont need help from Dominican republic or the united state what haiti need is for the united state leave haiti the hell alone so we can choise are onwn way

Jorge Duran
June 2, 2022 10:05 pm

Since your country got independent never been capable of being stable. Failed state.

E. Joseph
June 3, 2022 11:27 am
Reply to  Jorge Duran

It’s been a fail state because France, Canada and the United States has rubbed Haiti from its richness and opportunities.. So, go and dig deeper in history as to why Haiti is in misery … not to mention those losers in power, who are selling our wealth, land and treasures to our enemies abroad…

Coolio Jenkins
June 3, 2022 1:36 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran

Stop interfering. Allow them to choose and lead thier own destiny without the so called help from theses major traps

A. Richter
June 3, 2022 2:42 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran

That’s because France and then the United States stole all the money and resources from haiti. Get yourself educated before making inane comments that have no basis in fact. You might read the New York times recent series on how Haiti became and stays impoverished.

June 3, 2022 4:58 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran


Stephen Faustin
June 3, 2022 5:39 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran

If it wasn’t for that failed state Dominican would have still been slave. We are failing state not because we want to but because they have pushed us to be and we helped them making it happen.

June 3, 2022 5:58 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran

That’s because the U.S. France and other countries have been ripping Haiti off and pretending to help. They still money, from our banks and so much more. Haiti is impoverished because of the so called wealthy counties ripping them off. Read your history. Haiti helped America in their independence and the thank you they get is getting rip off. They done want to help, they want Haiti to pay for being the first black country that gain their independence instead of having it being given to us. You have a lot of reading to do. Haiti was one of the richest ports and took care of the Dominican Republic when they needed for over 10 yrs. Haiti is where it’s at because of the United state and France and other country who hold our bank hostage for their benefit. If Haiti is no good why they are always coming in…they never leave empty handed. Politic is something else. What they put in the news is what they want you to believe. You got to dig to get to the real issue of Haiti and that is the 1st. World

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Dubs January
June 3, 2022 11:22 pm
Reply to  Jorge Duran

Between France, US, Canada, and the Oligarchs feeding frenzy on Haiti’s resources. There’s no possible way for Haiti to advance.
5 Oligarchs alone make 504 million dollars off of the Haitian government and it’s people every year. Times that by 5 year through every shift of the presidency. Do the math. 2.5 Trillion dollars to the Oligarchs to continue to perpetuate instability within the country.
Now add the 21 Billion extortion ran by the French, how can this be sustainable?

Joseph Fanfan
June 2, 2022 10:50 pm

You are stupid don’t you see that Haiti has chosen it own ways since the fall of Duvalier regime. Yeah the way for each anti- patriot to get their peace of the cake, the way of crabs to keep each other in the hole. The way to destroy themselves and to go deeper into the hole. That is the way of Haitian people.

A. Richter
June 3, 2022 2:42 pm
Reply to  Joseph Fanfan

See above comment. Get educated before you make stupid statements.

Gloria Sanon
June 3, 2022 6:00 am

Do you think if everyone would just leave Haiti to Haitians would be a good thing, or would Haitians destroy Haiti themselves? I personally believe all Countries should step back and just see how Haitians from around the World would help their beloved Country.

Carine Remy
June 3, 2022 9:22 am

Bs haiti can’t help theirselves if they could’ve they would no one is causing haiti to be like that but us ayisian pa kon sa yo vle American ki koz Len ap touye lot no American have nothing to do with that we need to stop with all the bs religion and know where we come from stop the hypocrisy damit no offense to you just talking in general

June 3, 2022 12:18 pm

You sound so Stupid. Haitian leaders can’t do Shit for Haiti. 200 years no electricity. No bathroom.no clean water. No jobs. No Shelters. Stop blaming America and other countries . Blame the incompetent Haitian Leaders. But America is always sending help to Haiti when in need. Next time Return America’s help.

Yvon Chancy
June 3, 2022 12:58 pm

You’ve been doing your own thing since 1804 and the result is showing that your way is not the best. The Dominican Republic is. helping you enormously in the area of health and educational services provided to Haitians. It is great to be a proud patriot but let logic guide your thoughts

June 3, 2022 3:33 pm

“Haïti don’t need help”?
Look at Haïti own way now

Gouraige Pierre
June 3, 2022 5:26 pm

I am Haitian too, why can we get help from the DR.
What did you do yourself to not need help from them?
Wake up

Tammie Washington
June 3, 2022 5:39 pm

Daniel I appreciate your pride in your country but the country does not make money. Your country needs financial assistance to pull the people up. Factories to increase employment. Money creates power..power moves people..

June 3, 2022 8:46 pm

So dumb

Kathleen Matarazzo
June 3, 2022 9:37 pm

Bs, since papa doc, and little doc Hatian government haven’t given a shit about their country…so they want the Dominican Republic to resolve their issues…

Pastor Jeune
June 3, 2022 10:35 pm

I 100% agreed with you my brother because they don’t really care about us, that is a shame we are right in their face with all what is going on it seems like we are under their feet obviously only God can do something for us not the DR or the US

Leon Anglade
June 2, 2022 7:52 pm

Hypocrisy from the US toward Haiti. Knees on neck cannot breath…

June 3, 2022 4:48 pm
Reply to  Leon Anglade

Always someone faults with Haitians

Marc Labossiere
June 2, 2022 9:08 pm

Haiti don’t need help from anybody those country being Haiti number one enmi talk to the haitien to know the truth of what’s going on on over there instead they’re taking resources over there but telling the world something else destroy Haiti agriculture make haitien consuming they’re products if you want to help get out of Haiti all you United Nation in so on get out of Haiti

Michelet Wilson
June 2, 2022 11:55 pm

What are the solutions for now? If no need for help? Haiti became a no man’s zone, notorious gangs everywhere

June 3, 2022 8:15 am

With the help of so many corrupt leaders in Haiti don’t forget that ex president of the USA admitted how they destroyed our agriculture , porks etc bringing colera in Haiti we not forgiving many of Our leaders the (ONG) very bad for Haiti if Haitian people don’t stand up Haiti will be destroyed,

Réal Jean-Jacques
June 3, 2022 10:22 am

Haitians may still need help because we are involved in stealing Haitians government money resources we are involved in killing president of our own country therefore Haitians are also bad Haitians needs a lot of change among themselves also the situation of Haiti is not just strangers caused it ,,,good strong unity of Haitians will stop theses countries taking control of Haitians political system..because they don’t really love Haiti.

June 3, 2022 11:03 am

It seems like u the issue
Ur the problem
USA needs to be their because u part of the gangster talking none sense…
I want Washington, D.C. to start observing tik tok that’s where the kidnappers / gangsters looking for their preys

Dieuseul Guerrier
June 3, 2022 11:44 am

That’s truth I’m here for almost 20 years I can’t go back to my country

June 3, 2022 12:17 pm

Some people might thing you crazy or stupid, I agree with your statement 100%. When I saw that headline, my first thought was, what are they up to? Talking about the US and the Dominican’s government. We all can agree none of them care, give a damn about us or on our best interest, the US government has been working really hard to completely shot down our economy since Preval. Remember the US suggested to close all ports “Dwa’n,” whatever you sent to Haiti, you would have to go to DR to get it and than pay transport to bring it to Haiti. I tell people all the times DR is one country I will never visit even if my life depends on it. Those who chose to go there, running for problems in Haiti, I understand. However, those who go there just for fun or vacation are stupid, fools, traitors!!!

June 2, 2022 10:58 pm

WHAT CAN DOMINICAN DO FOR HAITIAN DO YOU GUYS SEE HOW DEY ARE TREATING HAITIAN THAT LEAVES IN DR….HAVE THEM WORKING HARD INSTEAD OF PAYING THEM THEY CALLED IMMIGRATION DOMINICANS ARE RASICT AND NASTY HAITIAN INVEST MORE IN THERE COUNTRY ??‍♀️ HAITIAN SHOULD BE A SHAME OVER CHARGING YOUR PEER FOR A VIZA THAT IS 225 make your pple pay 500 for it y’all a disgrace and shameful and no one will every respect haitian…. If you knew the values of this lil country that they make look so bad you guys would come together of course haitian wouldn’t want help from other countries cause they destroy there own home cause of greed

September 13, 2022 10:36 am
Reply to  JUICY

Incorrect, if you are a citizen or a haitian with papers in DR you will live there like a normal person. DR only taking those out those fleeing in without papers, same as USA and others countries.

Michelet Wilson
June 2, 2022 11:53 pm

Haiti does needs help!

June 3, 2022 1:20 am

Haitians are good people , 2bad they are still hated by others

June 3, 2022 8:28 am
Reply to  Drzfinest

Haïti needs help from Haitians. If you are from an area . Please do something. Put people that are in charge of the neighborhood. If you see someone you don’t know question then in your neighborhood.. if you are in the diaspora adopt a town .
I go to mission trip to Haïti yearly. I am paying nursing school for 6 girls . We are building a mini hospital. Guys , we have enough. Please. Let’s start in 10 years Haïti will be different

June 3, 2022 11:10 am
Reply to  Hermite

Blessings to you, that’s what I like to hear.

June 3, 2022 10:52 am
Reply to  Drzfinest

All your comments are like spoiled children, the more the U.S or world gives you the more you resent us.Haiti won’t even receive the covid vaccine from anyone.,and it’s obvious you can’t take care of yourself because of government corruption and gangs that control your country. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Sherly Horeb
June 3, 2022 1:44 pm
Reply to  Stephen


June 3, 2022 5:45 am

I feel like your always trying to play with people face I don’t think Haiti really need your help only help Haiti need let’s us do our thing don’t trying to interfere pretending your helping which is your destroy Haiti please take your ambassador’s your have an Haiti who’s corrupt it more USA is right there how many people have to be kill for your help us we have a lot of stuff in our land your guy just come take our stuff in our land your spending a lot of money to have other country but Haïti right there your close your eyes on us everytime your have meeting on the situation Haiti please stop ? too many of us dying ???

June 3, 2022 7:15 am

Please build that border! And deport all Dominicans from the paradise that is Haiti.

Reginald Joseph
June 3, 2022 7:29 am

Before talking about poverty in Haiti it’s better learn about our history.
Just a little reminder: After our independence our Heroes didn’t gets up to rebuild the country, instead they volunteer themselves to help other country in Slavery and the world never forgive Haiti for that sin. We just want a break from :USA, FRANCE, CANNADA and DOMINICAN republic’s as a puppet they use to intimidate us. We are capable of solving our problems ourselves but USA have to stop using the most corrupt one to sell them our richest, while the population living in an abject misery.

Claude Chrysostome
June 3, 2022 7:51 am

Haiti after being independent in 1804, helped a a lot of country to fight and become independent, including the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and even the United States of America. Now after decades of empauverishment, and exploitation, Haiti needs help from any country who understands its story, and appreciates what the Haitians did against discrimination promoting freedom for all human kind around the world. Haiti needs help like Ukraine, from the United States or any other country who believes in freedom. Haiti doesn’t need help from countries who, instead of enforcing our military to restore security, they’re there supporting the terrorists, taking resources, but telling the world something different, destroying the agriculture making Haitians consuming their products only. If you’re here to support what Haiti doesn’t need, get out of Haiti.

June 3, 2022 12:33 pm

Haiti did not help the Dominican republics free us from slavery. Dominicans were already free. Haiti only abolished slavery but what do you think those 22 yrs of Military Invasion was? It was to enslave the Dominicans to help your country pay France. You need to stop with this God complex & focus on fixing Haiti.

susana charles-loga
June 3, 2022 2:13 pm


Pierre Numa
June 3, 2022 8:04 am

Excellent ideas for haiti and the best way to stop the people leave the island. We are as haitian people feeling frustrated and sick with the same defacto, the leaders of haiti are ” Gangs “. Yes we need treatment for port- Au – Prince. We need a clean up inside the government…

June 3, 2022 9:54 am

It’s obvious that the policies are not working. They need to change course and make a viable transition to progress using a strong business proposal to benefit both countries.

Réal Jean-Jacques
June 3, 2022 10:03 am

Listen people My name is Real Jean-Jacques I am a Haitian-American citizen living in America for over 30 years,every organization spoke about Haiti,countries spoken on Haiti but the problems of Haiti is very simple but complex if they wanted to help Haiti they need to help stopping the robbery of money ,resources ,wealth of Haiti ,for Haiti ,stop the hatred against Haiti’s development !then ,Haiti is going to be okay .why do you think the last president of Haiti has been assassinated ? Because the president realized he has to stand against all theses above issues ,he stood (Jovenel Moises) and they killed him….Haiti is being hated by all the big countries for being the first black Colonized people who fought against slavery !! the truth must set them free !!US secret officials,France secret officials,Germany secret officials,even Dominican Republic secret officials and so fourth needed to free Haiti from their hypocrisy/ concerns /meeting and really help Haiti ,in fact the most stealing corruption are from Haitians themselves look how they are coming together And killed a president who has good desire for some developments lights ,agriculture etcetera etcetera..bu the foreign hypocrisy with many stupid blind Haitians are there to destroy Haiti like Satan in John chapter 10 verses 10 =kill robes and destroy ..thank you

Stev Thomas
June 3, 2022 10:20 am

Reparations needs to be discussed at the upcoming forum
Based upon the numerous incidents pointed to the recent New York Times reports..

June 3, 2022 4:16 pm
Reply to  Stev Thomas

We Haitians, we never know who’s killed our president 1 year ago
He was fighting against all of da BS

They are destroying us, and offering help after
We haitians, all nations see that we are destroying ourselves, but we sure we are fighting a fight that is stronger than us

Kendy mertelus
June 3, 2022 4:19 pm
Reply to  Stev Thomas

Haiti is a independent country we don’t need international help we can do it by our self

E. Joseph
June 3, 2022 11:34 am

Dominican Republic is trying to take over Haiti, because Haiti had occupied them, they already have the US blessings….. this is a form of false pretense, they’re showing that they care when in fact they just want to retaliate. To the leaders and the people of Haiti please be vigilant..

Merry berry
June 3, 2022 11:35 am

Haiti people stop trying to get over here to united States if they don’t need us maybe my people can get a job

Jonas Sinelien
June 3, 2022 11:48 am

I would like to have the a public security in my country

Sam Otum
June 3, 2022 12:39 pm

I run an orphanage in Haiti and have not been able to visit our children and our staff for almost 3 years. All our involvements and intersections has been over the phone since.
What Haiti needs before anything else is political stability and safety for her citizens. Without this, in my humble opinion and as someone who has spent a fair amount of time in Haiti, your planned focus on health access, economy and migration, will not work. Haiti needs all of these and more but for your plan to work you need to stop lawlessness, bring some stability to the nation and restore trust and faith for the average Haitian. Time is running out and the situation is very dire. Gangs cannot be allowed to run the country.

Tyson Masson
June 3, 2022 12:51 pm

Yes I agreed, Haiti do need help, But not from Dominican Republic or United States. I was in haiti and grew up in America. All these years in America studying the America and the ways of the government of America, I’ve learned so much about America and their ways of politics. America never help a country because of hospitality and should I say (Careness of their hearts). They only help because there’s benefits for them. Dominican Republic never loved Haiti, eventhough when we suppose to be Brothers. So for those people who quick to speak negative on Haiti (Haitians) not wanting ANY HELP from these Countries or should i say HYPOCRITES who’s only about their INTERESTS. You guys needs to do your research and find out what they have done to Haiti. Haiti is like a Virgin female who got RAPE and didn’t had anyone to help her with PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY… And now she became a PROSTITUTE… Any one who want some can come and get some.. But there’s one thing though, Haiti is for the MOST HIGH GOD, the creator of the Universe.. And every last One of those Countries that had a hand of Haiti’s struggles will have theirs COMING.. BELIEVE!!!
All these craziness that’s going on in Haiti right, Corrupt Government, Gangs killing, KIDNAPPING, etc. All these nonsense I just mention here, BOTH OF THOSE COUNTRIES HAVE THEIRS HAND IN THEM. And you talking about HELPING “HAITI”… It’s to late because the JUDGMENT has Ended, now all you have to do is “WAIT ON YOUR SENTENCES!!!”

Gina ruano
June 3, 2022 1:07 pm

Why Americans can just help Haiti…why Santo Domingo have to be involved in our business

Sherly Horeb
June 3, 2022 1:51 pm

Nobody is trying to bite the hands that feed them. They’re just asking the US to stop pretending when they’re not doing shit . Do you really think if the US wanted to help Haiti will be like that . For Godsake NY is bigger than Haiti. For own information we do not make guns. Where do u think the guns are coming from? Yes we have corrupted leaders but still paying for being the first black republic and for asking France to pay what is rightfully ours. Do u your research before you get into Haitians conversations.

Nicolas Carmelo François
June 3, 2022 3:18 pm

I like the way we think About All the peoples Haïtian

Jean Louissaint
June 3, 2022 4:04 pm

Since when you outsiders like Haiti ??, USA ?? and France ?? since after the Haitian Revolution put restrictions on Haiti, they never wanted to help.

Mi amada quisqueya…!
June 3, 2022 5:29 pm

Haiti is a failed state, and it will always be that way. There is no way they can get out of the hole due to mismanagement and the lack of balls of its people. These are destined to live in misery forever.

June 3, 2022 5:39 pm

Who cares about Haiti

Steven J
June 3, 2022 7:19 pm
Reply to  Robert

Y’all talking crazy, HAiti is no longer a country. Haiti is a contagious, corrupted , dirty and miserable country. Haiti has been down for years … the problem is not the name” HAITI it is all about their leaders. They have no mercy all they care about is to become a leader and start reaping off the country and start building wealth abroad and that has nothing to do with any other countries we need to stop blaming other countries but our own selves. All them fool in HAiti called themselves leaders..it is a shame .. we just need to hand over the country to Dominican Republic they are doing way better than us. Stop talking about HAiti then , that HAiti is gone forever until we are able to face those gangsters that called themselves leaders. They ruined the country but we keep on talking about is other countries . Stop blaming them see ourselves, we are the worst country in the world , poorest , dirtiest, more savages , crimes , contraband , violence , rapes, voodoo, and we have the highest level of fraudulent cases, the government is the worst of all. So much corruption is not even funny guess what they love it they making of it it.

June 4, 2022 4:26 am
Reply to  Robert

I think we all should see it clear that haitiens are in chains.Instead of anything else,let us unite and break those chains that will make us free again.

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:39 pm

If the Dominican Republic really wants to be involves in Haiti set back, why the imposing ban “visa ” on Haitian traveler as their poor neighbor while they are open up their door for the others rich country to travel into the Dominican Republic for, without visa?

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:43 pm

They open up their harms to great the richest country while the close their door on their neighbor, $500 or for an Haitian to granted a Dominican visa.

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:46 pm

The first country who benefits Haitian dilemma is the Dominican Republic, why do they have to cut themselves out the cake?

June 3, 2022 5:47 pm

pourquoi République dominicaine aidé Haïti

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:49 pm

We not suppose to blame the Dominican people on Haitian misfortune, because the Dominican people don’t really know the roots of that situations.

Tammie Washington
June 3, 2022 5:50 pm

It is obvious that more could be done. Many immigrants only desire to work to take care of their family. We need to begin reparations from the French and we need to allow free trade with the US.
We need to move factories there to improve the country’s financial status.

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:55 pm

The Islands is like a bird with two wings, H/DR, unfortunately after Haitian independence they brought back their French ennemis to make their education and this is the biggest mistake they Haitian people pay.
Never send your children to be educated by your ennemi.
Dr Martin Luther king says.

Fidel Park Stadium
June 3, 2022 5:58 pm

Therefore do not bring the Dominican people as faulty issues.
The Dominican people is very good people.

Felix Arroyo
June 3, 2022 8:36 pm

Now they have the Monkey pox so we can’t afford them in DR nor can we afford their births in DR. DR defend yourself at all cost because they are, and will continue to, aim at you!

Josh valce
June 3, 2022 9:33 pm

Somehow those in power need to put the country first. There are many small iland in that same continent Haiti seems like the only one that folks do not care about. That’s have to change for the people

Walter Milo
June 3, 2022 9:42 pm

How dared is the Dominican Republic by thinking thag it can ask help for Haiti. At the end of the day , At the end of the day , Dominican Republic s profiting of Haiti’s misery and instability. Dominican Republic would never want to see a prosperous and a stable Haiti. This country is harboring terrorists and fugitives who try to escape from Haiti. Anything that is bad for Haiti comes from D.R. , so give me a break ! U.S .A and D.R are the two countries destabilizing Haiti. I can assure them that Haiti will rise again !

June 3, 2022 11:04 pm

France did that

Jordan Noel
June 4, 2022 12:15 am

I’m not against a coexistence !

Gla D
June 4, 2022 12:15 am

That’s not true and I’m sick and tired of DR leaders pretending before the international that they love the Haitian people , they are racist. They also stupid by the way the immigration guys treat them , most of them that part of the immigration cannot even read they keep taking legal people just because they cannot read. I also assume 50 percent of the DR income they got it from Haiti that’s why they are stupid because Haiti do a lot and even too much for that crap DR.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gla D
June 4, 2022 1:50 am

Brothers and Sisters, go back to the Bible and read the story about nation of Israel.
There are no one nation that suffer more than Israel and God raised Israel. Haiti is not going to die, forget about helping and making publicity telling everybody about your actions. When you really want to help do it quietly and God will pay you in return. Haiti ?? will survive. After all God will raise Haiti in the nose of everybody even we like it or not. Certain people or country use Haiti with high hypocrisy making politics over haitian situation. Remember that “Haiti is for God and God for Haiti”

Marie Casimir
June 4, 2022 1:58 am

We need help avek kokorat sa yo kap dirije ayiti. Pap gin changement alors Svp america take over.

Alberto Gomez
June 4, 2022 10:02 pm

I’m 100% for sure, these Haitians commentators and apologists on this site DON’T live in Haiti anymore, won’t go back , will never invest in Haiti , but will defend Haiti for whatever reason even if it’s Haitians faults. This just makes me laugh lol . My country trying to help their neighbor and my country gets spit at by this Haitians commentators. All we Dominicans wants is for your fellow Haitians to stay on your side of the island, is it that hard to do fellow Neighbors ???????????We got to many Haitianos on our side , we don’t need anymore please !!!!!

June 7, 2022 10:10 am

picture is a false narrative

June 8, 2022 5:21 am

Haitians with Christo to Africa! For a fresh start!