Sports January 7, 2015 | 8:21 am

‘All I want is love,’ Pedro the Great tells Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- Pedro Martinez doesn’t not know when he’ll return to the Dominican Republic, but he made it clear what he wants when that time comes. "I want to be received with much love as the people can and want."

Martinez spoke by phone to just hours after being tapped for the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. "I want many things, but I limit myself to what people can give me, which is affection, a reception as they can, as the situation permits. If people want to go to the airport it would be a pleasure for me to hang out with them, if people want to cook a goat or a steer or a rice dish in a yard, we can do it. What they want to do with their heart, do it, I would be there with them."

The former Red Sox star hurler spoke while heading overland to New York, where he’ll hold a press conference Wed. starting at 12 noon Dominican Republic time.

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